Unsolved: Worcester

Special Episode – Interview with Jennifer McLellan, daughter of Vincent Martin

In this special episode, we had the opportunity of speaking with Jennifer McLellan, daughter of the late Vincent Martin.

Vincent was killed outside of the three-decker he lived in on Millbury Street on Dec. 28, 1995. He was beaten to death and robbed. 

We shared Vincent’s story in episode 8 of Unsolved: Worcester Season 2.

Unsolved Worcester Featured on WBUR Radio Boston

Unsolved Worcester spoke with WBUR’s Radio Boston about the 1989 unsolved murder of Nereida Melendez.

This segment aired on December 13, 2022.

Dianne Williamson Talks with Unsolved Worcester

Retired Worcester Telegram and Gazette (WTAG) reporter/columnist Dianne Williamson shares her insight on the unsolved murders of Candace Scola, John Volungis, Jr. and Nereida Melendez.

This podcast originally aired in December, 2022.

Special: Peter Vasquez Interview

A conversation with Peter Vasquez, Nereida Melendez’ brother.

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