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Popular Worcester true crime podcast launches final season

October 4, 2023|Arts & Entertainment/Events, Police/Fire/Public Safety

Turns out, there are hundreds of unsolved Worcester county murders and missing person cases

By Charlene Arsenault

Special Interview – Travis Monroe’s mother, Christi Berry

Special Interview with Christi Berry, Travis Monroe's mother

by Unsolved Worcester

In this special episode, we are ending season 5 the same way we started: with the unsolved case of the death of 17-year-old Travis Monroe on October 1, 2006.

We had the opportunity to speak with Travis’ mother, Christi Berry.

Christi provided us with further insight on Travis’ death, including in-depth details on the 24 hours leading up to Travis’ death, and why he left his family’s home on September 30, 2006. 

Special Interview – Jordan Sears, Founder and Director of Cold Case New England

Special Interview - Jordan Sears, Founder and Director of Cold Case New England

by Unsolved Worcester

In this special episode, we have the opportunity of speaking with Jordan Sears, founder and director of Cold Case New England, a website aimed at bringing awareness to the many victims of unsolved homicides in the region.

Jordan has featured around 40 unsolved homicide cases from the New England area on the Cold Case New England website.

We spoke with Jordan about Cold Case New England, how she chooses which cases she will feature on the site, hear her thoughts on the Main South Woodsman serial killer and what needs to be done in Worcester to improve access to cold case files.

Special Episode – University Park Tree Planting, Plaque Dedication with Jennifer Hernandez

Honoring the Lives of Worcester's Female Murder Victims

by Unsolved Worcester

A ceremonial tree planting and plaque unveiling at Worcester’s Arbor Day celebration is being held at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 28, 2023.

We encourage our listeners to join us at the event to help honor the lives of the many women victims of murder in Worcester, both solved and unsolved.

Special thanks to Jennifer Hernandez, committee member on Worcester’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women, for joining us for this special episode.

Special Episode – Interview with Jennifer McLellan, daughter of Vincent Martin

In this special episode, we had the opportunity of speaking with Jennifer McLellan, daughter of the late Vincent Martin.

Vincent was killed outside of the three-decker he lived in on Millbury Street on Dec. 28, 1995. He was beaten to death and robbed. 

We shared Vincent’s story in episode 8 of Unsolved: Worcester Season 2.

Unsolved Worcester Featured on WBUR Radio Boston

Unsolved Worcester spoke with WBUR’s Radio Boston about the 1989 unsolved murder of Nereida Melendez.

This segment aired on December 13, 2022.

Dianne Williamson Talks with Unsolved Worcester

Retired Worcester Telegram and Gazette (WTAG) reporter/columnist Dianne Williamson shares her insight on the unsolved murders of Candace Scola, John Volungis, Jr. and Nereida Melendez.

This podcast originally aired in December, 2022.

Special: Peter Vasquez Interview

A conversation with Peter Vasquez, Nereida Melendez’ brother.

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