Season 2: Episodes 1-10

Unsolved: Worcester

season 2 – episode 1

Mistaken for a Mannequin – November 1967

It’s around 10 p.m. on Nov. 29, 1967.

21-year-old Sarah Cox should be boarding a public bus at Clark University. 

She would be on the bus for roughly two miles, and when the bus approaches Lincoln Square, Sarah gets off and starts on foot in the direction of her apartment on Highland Street.

But she never made it. 

Days later, her frozen, naked body is found in a ditch in a wooded area off Granite Street over four miles away.

season 2 – episode 2

Face Down and Floating in Geese Pond – April 1968

It’s Saturday night, April 13, 1968. 

A call is placed to the Worcester Police Department around 11 p.m.

It’s Albert Morrissette of Blackstone. He’s calling to report his 17-year-old daughter,Phyllis Ann Morrissette, is missing.

She never returned home after visiting a friend in Boston.

Phyllis Ann’s body would be found the next day, Easter Sunday, floating face down in Geese Pond in Worcester.

season 2 – episode 3

Bludgeoned by a Sledgehammer at the Bar-

October 1967

Bludgeoned by a Sledgehammer at the Bar

by Unsolved Worcester

Bludgeoned by a Sledgehammer at the Bar-

It’s Monday afternoon, October 16th, 1967. 

A pair of part-time employees at Jack and Felicia’s Cafe on Millbury Street are walking through the front door of the restaurant.

They’re stopped dead in their tracks as soon as the door swings open.

There, lying dead on the floor of the bar, is owner John “Jack” Zuromski.

A pool of blood has collected around John’s head.

A sledgehammer is on the ground next to him.

season 2 – episode 4

Killed After Scuffle at Fester’s Dog House – 1998

Killed After Scuffle at Fester's Dog House

by Unsolved Worcester

What happened to Eddie Wheeler?

It’s been over 24 years since 26-year-old Eddie Wheeler was gunned down near a Honey Farms parking lot at the corner of Harding Street and Lafayette Street in Worcester’s Canal District.

It was 1:30 a.m. on December 26, 1998.

Eddie was walking down Harding Street with a group of friends when his killer ran up to him, shooting Eddie four times in the chest.

season 2 – episode 5

Bullet to the Brain Ends Argument at Millbury Street Bar-

May, 1987

It’s May 1st, 1987.

30-year-old Brian MacAlister had just been in a heated argument involving three other men at Billy’s Lounge on Millbury Street.

Brian left the other men and hopped into his brown 1973 four-door Oldsmobile parked outside of the Maurice the Pants Man store.

Brian, likely intoxicated, left the driver side door open to his car as he tried to tune a portable radio and smoke a cigarette.

Brian’s killer approached the vehicle and fired a single gunshot into the side of Brian’s head

season 2 – episode 6 – Part 1

Strangled to Death and Dumped in the Street – Part 1


Does Worcester have a serial killer?

That’s what residents were asking Worcester Police in early 1993.

From December 1992 to February 1993, four women were killed. They had all been strangled to death. 

On February 4, 1993, the bodies of 23-year-old Sonia Blanco and 25-year-old Evelyn Cruz were discovered just a few miles apart and within 20 minutes of each other. 

30 years later, the murders of Sonia Blanco and Evelyn Cruz remain unsolved.

season 2 – episode 7 – Part 2

Strangled to Death and Dumped in the Street – Part 2


23-year-old Sonia Blanco and 25-year-old Evelyn Cruz are not alone.

Not only will their deaths forever be connected – both women killed on Feb. 4, 1993, their bodies beaten and severely bruised, both strangled to death and dumped to the curb from a vehicle – but they’re among a half a dozen or so women all killed in similar fashion over a five-year period in Worcester.

Each victim violently strangled and each murder unsolved. 

season 2 – episode 8

Robbed and Murdered on Millbury Street


It’s early Thursday, December 28, 1995.

It’s shortly before 6 a.m. and Vincent Martin is leaving his Millbury Street apartment to get to work at Red Cab Company when he’s attacked from behind.

He’s thrown to the ground and kicked several times while he’s down. 

The assailants removed the cowboy boot on Vincent’s right foot and struck Vincent in the head repeatedly. 

season 2 – episode 9

Body Found Beneath the Snow at The Beacon


It’s February 21, 1994.

27-year-old Helen Chevalier miraculously makes it home after a harrowing night.

Helen works the street as a prostitute to pay for her drug addiction.

The night before she luckily escaped the clutches of a john who refused to let her out of the car and kept pulling her by her hair.

24 hours later, Helen leaves her home, saying she’s going out to meet a friend.

She would never be seen alive again.

season 2 – episode 10

Found Clobbered and Mutilated on Myrtle Street


Found Clobbered and Mutilated on Myrtle Street

by Unsolved Worcester

It’s around 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 7, 1973.

A man making his way across the parking lot of Seven Hills Plaza on Myrtle Street notices something at the bottom of an embankment on Salem Street.

The man takes a closer look and finds the body of 49-year-old Roland Clarkson, face up at the bottom of the embankment.

Roland’s skull had been crushed. 

When police arrive, they find a large chunk of concrete near Roland’s body. He had been mutilated.

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