Season 1: Episodes 1-10

Unsolved: Worcester

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season 1 – episode 1

Double Murder on Dewey Street

March 2001

The lack of evidence around the crime scene is nearly as peculiar as the lack of evidence on the bodies of William Vega and Elizabeth Matos. There was no murder weapon at the scene. And police couldn’t pin down a motive. The teenagers hadn’t been robbed. There were no drugs, drug paraphernalia, cell phones, beepers, or weapons on their bodies to indicate the murders were drug-related.

season 1 – episode 2

Double Homicide on Halloween – October 2007

It’s around 9:45 p.m. on Halloween night, Oct. 31, 2007, when buzzers start ringing loudly for all apartment units at the entrance of 4 North Ashland Street.

A first floor resident — hearing the repeated buzzing at the front door — approaches the entrance and sees two men standing outside the door.  He opens the door to see what they want, but the men force themselves in.

They sprint up the stairs to the third floor apartment where Andrew Robinson and Luis Acevedo are inside.

The intruders kick the door down to Apartment 3 and quickly fire several shots, killing Andrew and Luis.

season 1 – episode 3

Murdered on the 4th of July – Part 1, July 2002

It’s been over 20 years since 32-year-old Candace Scola was found dead on the kitchen floor of her home on Knox Street in Worcester.

She had been stabbed 13 times…including multiple stabbings in her chest. The only suspect in the case is her estranged husband.

He is the last known person to see her alive.

season 1 – episode 4

Murdered on the 4th of July – Part 2, July 2002

When police arrived arrived at the Scola’s home on Knox Street on July 5, they couldn’t find the murder weapon, and couldn’t determine what kind of knife was used to kill Candace.

There were no signs of struggle or forced entry, and there was still some question of when Candace was killed. 

Due to the high temperatures over the 4th of July holiday, the medical examiner couldn’t say one way or another if Candace was killed on the night of July 3, on July 4, or early in the day on July 5.

season 1 – episode 5

Gunned Down in the Darkness at Clason Road Beach – October 2012

It’s been 10 years since Nathan Otero was found shot dead near the Indian Lake Park beach area at the end of Clason Road in Worcester.

It was October 18, 2012 at 12:15 a.m. when Worcester Police received reports of gunshots from Clason Road residents. The 27-year-old man was killed in the darkness at the east side of Indian Lake. He was shot in the head.

season 1 – episode 6

Murdered on the Eve of Escape – February 1992

On the evening of Feb. 3, 1992, Bridget DiIorio Volungis dropped her husband off at their home on Porter Street in Worcester. An hour later, DiIorio returned home to find her husband, John Volungis Jr., dead inside the entrance to their duplex home. 

John had been stabbed 18 times. His throat had been slit. Police believe whoever killed him was waiting inside the home for him to arrive. 

season 1 – episode 7

Found Frozen in the Trunk – January 2000

It’s January 25, 2000.

Dominick Maiorana is notified by Worcester Police Department Records Bureau that his vehicle – a silver 1999 Lexus CS300 – was towed weeks earlier to Pat’s Service Center on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester.

Dominick’s son Paul is the only person who drove the car and Dominick hasn’t seen his son since the day after Christmas, nearly a month ago.

Later that same night, Paul’s frozen body is found in the trunk of the Lexus at Pat’s Service Center.

The vehicle had been at Pat’s for over a week.

season 1 – episode 8

Gunned Down During Worcester’s Fireworks – July 2012

It’s just after 9:30 p.m. on July 3, 2012. 

Crowds are gathered along the lower end of Grafton Street in Worcester to watch the city’s annual Independence Day fireworks display. 

Jonathan Kapulka is standing in a parking lot near the entrance to Walgreens pharmacy. He’s with a large group of family and friends. With him are his wife and two daughters.

In one of the most brazen and violent acts in recent history in Worcester, a man wearing a ski mask ran up behind Jonathan, shooting him three times.

The killer ran away up Grafton Street.

And for over 10 years, Jonathan’s murder remains unsolved. 

season 1 – episode 9

The Mysterious Murder of Nereida Melendez on Graduation Day – Part 1

June 1989

The Mysterious Murder of Nereida Melendez - Part 1

by Unsolved Worcester

It’s the evening of June 5, 1989.

A man walking around Chandler Hill Park finds a leather purse in the wooded area of Bell Hill. He turns the purse into the Worcester Police Department’s Lost and Found later that night.

Less than a mile away, North High School’s graduation ceremonies for the class of ’89 are underway at the Worcester Auditorium.

17-year-old Nereida Melendez isn’t with her classmates. She never shows up for graduation.

Nereida’s body is buried under a pile of leaves on Bell Hill.

season 1 – episode 10

The Mysterious Murder of Nereida Melendez on Graduation Day – Part 2

June 1989

The Mysterious Murder of Nereida Melendez - Part 2

by Unsolved Worcester

It’s the night of June 5, 1989, and a shadow is cast over the crowd at the Worcester Auditorium, as members of North High’s class of ’89 are hearing the names of their classmates called one-by-one to receive their high school diploma.

One classmate isn’t present. 

Less than a mile away up on Bell Hill, the body of Nereida Melendez is buried under a pile of wet leaves in a wooded area off Elliot Street.  

What’s meant to be a time of celebration for these Worcester teens is quickly turned to tragedy.

This is Part 2 of the Nereida Melendez story.

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